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Detailed Specifications: Athlon Models

AMD Athlon 500, 550, 600, 650, or  700MHz

FIC SD11 w/ 1 MB Cache


Non Integrated ATI Rage 5000 Pro 8MB AGP
Diamond Monster Fusion 32MB AGP

Hard Drive:

4.3 GB: Quantum Bigfoot TX 4018MB

6.4GB: Quantum Bigfoot TX 6028MB

8.4GB: Maxtor Diamond Max 6800 8455MB Mod. # 90845U3

10.2GB: Maxtor Diamond Max 6800 10,209MB Mod. #91360U4

13GB: Quantum Fireball CX 13020MB

13.6 GB: IBM Deskstar 16GP 7200RPM 13602MB

15.2GB: IBM Deskstar 25GP 15290MB

17.2GB: Seagate Medalist ST317240A

19.2GB: Quantum Bigfoot TS 19292MB

27.2GB: Maxtor Diamond Max 6800 27226MB Mod. #: 92720U8

36.5MB: Maxtor Diamond Max 36

37.5GB: IBM Deskstar


Integrated: ASound 128 Voice Sound Blaster Compatible

Non-Intregrated: Yamaha X-Wave 192; 128 Voice
Creative AWE 512 Gold PCI


Shuttle 40X ATAPI
Rodeo 50X Sustained 75Ms ATAPI


Hitachi 3rd Generation 2x DVD/16X CD
Hitachi 3rd Generation 5X DVD/32X CD
Toshiba Slot Load 3rd Generation 6x DVD/48X CD

168 PIN PC100 Buffered SDRAM in 32, 64, 128 or 512 MB DIMMS

Manufacturer: PNY, Siemens, Viking, or Motorola

Opt: Goldstar 4X Write, 2X Re-Write, 24X Read
STD: Memorex 2X Write, 2X Re-Write, 6X Read

External Storage
STD: Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy Drive

Opt. Panasonic 100MB Internal Zip Drive

Opt. External 2GB Iomega Ditto Drive

Opt. Orb 2.2GB Cartridge Drive

Std: ASound 80w Amplified

Opt: 200w Cyber Acoustics 3 Piece Subwoofer Speakers

Opt: Monsoon Flat Panel Speakers w/ Subwoofer

Opt: Sony Dolby Pro Logic 600w Speakers w/ Subwoofer

Integrated: Lucent 56k v.90

Non-Intregrated: PC-TEL 56k v.90

Network Cards:
Integrated: 10/100MBPS Compliant

Non-Intregrated: 3com 10/100 Fast Ethernet Card

Std: AT/ATX Minitower Case w/ 3 3.5" drive bays and 2 5.25" drive bays

Opt: AT/ATX Mid Tower Case w/ 3 3.5" drive bays and 4 5.25" drive bays

Opt: ATX Mid Tower Case w/ 3 3.5" drive bays and 3 5.25" drive bays.  Includes blue, red or purple faceplate

Cooling System
Std: Primary Power Supply Fan, Primary Case Fan, Primary CPU Fan

Opt: Standard Cooling System +Second rear case fan and hard drive cooler

Opt: Standard Cooling System + Option 1 Cooling System + Slot dual fan case "air conditioner"

Mouse and Keyboard
Std: AT/PS2 104 Key Windows 98

Opt: Microsoft Natural 104 Key PS/2 Only

Std: Serial/PS2 2 button wheel mouse

Opt: Microsoft Intellimouse

Opt: Logitech MarbleMan+ w/ Scroll Wheel


15" KDS: 14.1" Viewable, 1280x1024 Max Resolution @ 65235 colors .28 dot pitch

17" KDS: 16.3" Viewable,  1280x1024 Max Resolution @ 16.4 Million Colors, .29 dot pitch

19" KDS: 17.9" Viewable, 1600x1200 Max. Resolution .27 dot pitch

21" KDS: 20" Viewable 1600x1200 Max Resolution @ 16.4 Million Colors, .24 Dot Pitch

24" Sony: 22.5" Viewable, 1920x1200 Max Resolution, .25-.28 Dot Pitch

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