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Refurbished Systems

These systems represent the most traditoinal in the classic UX lineup.  Built from refurbished parts, in new cases, these are new systems

made of old parts.  Also, visit our sister company Computer  Consign for name-brand used systems.

Classic and MMX Pentiums                                            Pentium, K5, K6, 6x86, and Winchip Systems From $195

Pentium Pro Pentium II and Celeron Systems         Refurbished P6 Systems From 150-333MHz Starting At $495

 486 Systems                                                                                486 DX2, SX2, and DX4 Systems From 50-150MHz From $95

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*Please Note that due to the instability of refurbished parts and prices, system configurations and/or prices may be slightly out of date.


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