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More About UX Computer Systems

UX Computer Systems is a home-owned builder and distributor of PCs.  Locally owned and operated in Huntsville, AL, the company

features close ties to other local hardware distributors and techincal support industries, ensuring that we stay abreast of any new technical



UX was founded on June 30, 1997 by a group of then college students.  Among the first of the company's products were the refurbished

systems, which consisted of older 386 and 486 systems in new cases, with new hardware, and running the latest applications.  While this

product line lives on today in the 4800 and Intex series of the refurbished products, new PC sales have become the primary focus since the

introduction of the C-Series on October 30, 1997

The C-Series

UXs first real breakthrough into the market came with the introduction of the Cyrix Media GX based C-series.  This line was divided into

into several sub-categories which allowed users to select the PC they needed.

(Taken From Old UX Website...)

· HPC: Home Productivity Center- $695 with 14”
· KC- Kids Center- Education Computer- $695 with 14”
· GPC-Gamer’s Power Center- MMX and Gaming $795 with 14’
· HFC-Home Financial Center-Several Financial Suites $695 with 14” Monitor
· DPC-Desktop Publishing Center- Office Suite- $755 with 14”
· ISC-Internet Surfing Center- $755 With 56k Modem and 14’ Monitor

While now slow and rather antiquated by today's standards, these sytems were revolutionary at their time due to one thing, price.  "or

roughly the cost of a refurbished 486, UX can now deliver the latest in Media GX technology the 150MHz processor with 16 Mb RAM, 1.2

GB Hard Disk and Much, Much More. (excerpt from old UX website)."  These systems were run away successes, and paved the way for the

revived Intex series, and HPCII systems of the current UX line up.

It is now a UX tradition to, during the holiday season, offer models with features previously optional at a lower cost.  Typically, these

models will also sport new names in lieu of the Intex or HPC deisgnation.

Holdiay 1997: 11/1/97-1/25/98                    Holiday 1998: 10/25/98-1/25/99                        Holiday 1999: 9/9/99-1/25/00
5000PRO---------->  C-Series                        Loaded AMD------------> Shokaku                     Athlon/PentiumIII-----------> Hiryu IV
DeskOfficer-------->  C-Series                        Loaded Pentium II-----> Hiryu                         Loaded Athlon----------------> Millenium
Intex--------------->  Saturn                           C-Series---------------> Zuikaku                        Loaded Pentium I-------------> Saturn II
Intex II------------>  Bacchus                         Loaded Cyrix------------> Soryu                        MII-----------------------------> Lancer
Loaded Pentium II   Zeus                              Intex AMD---------------> Avenger                    Pentium MMX-----------------> Taiho
Loaded Cyrix------> Olympix                         Intex Pentium MMX-----> Dauntless                 Socket 7 Chips----------------> Omega
Loaded AMD------> Infinix                            Loaded Media GX-------> Fuso                         Pentium II---------------------> Omega II
                                                                                                                                     Value Athlon-------------------> Quantum
                                                                                                                                     Value Priced Systems---------> Dauntless
                                                                                                                                     Cyrix Joshua Systems---------> Stealth

UX's history is divided into two distinct eras, Series A which spans from the company's inception to the introduction of Series B on

September 9, 1999.  Series A systems are commonly refurbished 386 and Pentium systems in new cases.  Series A2, which debuted along

with the holiday 1997 systems marked the first all new systems with a UX label.  While series B, which are the Holiday 1999 systems,

represent the first fully intregrated, ultra low cost systems from UX.

Why Choose UX?

Simply put: Quality, Value, Expandiblity, Relibality

Quality: Our systems are hand assembled, one-at-a-time by A+ and MCSE certified technicians with years of experience in the computing

field.  Components from big names like PC-Chips, Intel, AMD, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Quantum, Yamaha, KDS, Sony, Mitusmi, and more are often

comprable to, if not suprassing in quality to those found in name-brand PCs. And if a component should fail, have no fear, UX's fully

generic interfaces and designs allow you to easially replace a bad part with any industry standard device.

Value: The Prices speak for themselves on this one.  Take a look at our prices and compare, you won't find a system with the same stats,

and the same software for anywhere near the same price as a UX!

Expandiblity: As stated earlier, all UX systems are easially expanded and repaired with industry standard components.  Unlike many

name-brand PCs which force you to buy parts only from their sources to expand the system, a UX will accept any standardized device.

This lowers overall costs by allowing you to upgrade your system in a few years rather than buying a complete system.  Most UX systems

are also non-intregrated.  By minimizing the number of components intregrated onto the motherboard the possiblility of repalacing a

single component vs. an entirely new board is available.  UX systems with intregrated functions feature easially disabled internal

functions, and provide multiple intenral and external expansion interfaces.

Reliablity: With high quality parts from big names in the business, you can count on UX for years of computing power.  All UX systems

are covered by a 90-day warrany on all components and software.  For a minimal fee, this warranty can be expanded up to TEN years: the

longest service contract in the business!  Even after the 90-day total system warranty expires, many internal components are covered by

their orgional manufacutrers (such as the hard drive) for up to 3 years.  In fact, UX RAM and some processors feature LIFETIME


I sincerely hope you choose UX for your next system.  By providing these and other factors, we can distribute the finest in desktop PC's to you at a low cost.  CEO: UX Computer Systems