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Statement: Quality at a Low Price

Welcome to the home of affordale technology, welcome to UX Computer Systems Ltd. In the past computers were large, bulky, and grossly expensive machines that required a hame equity loan to buy. Let's not even go into keeping the darn thing up to date. But now everything has changed. Introducing UX computer Systems, a small company with one mission, quality, value, and a low cost. Unlike some other computers, UX sytems are fully modular, with seperate video, sound, and modems. Keeping the only the essential parts (the CPU, etc.) on the motherboard makes for easier upgrades, and cheaper repairs (i.e. replacing a $100 video card vs. paying thousands for a new motherboard, CPU, video card, RAM, and sound card.) We use only the finest in components from vendors such as S3, Creative, Mitsumi, Motorola, Cyrix, Intel, Quantum, Diamond, and Altec Lansing. Our committment to the customer shows in every aspect of our product lineup.

UX Computer Systems Goal: To provide a solidly built computer that anyone can afford and enjoy for years to come.


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"Dauntless" HPC-CII300

Cyrix MII PR300 MX Processor 32 MB SDRAM 3.0 GB Hard Drive V.90 56k Modem 32x CD-ROM Drive 16 bit Yamaha Sound 80w Amplified Speakers Scroling Wheel Mouse and Multimedia Keyboard 1.44 MB Floppy Drive 14" Monitor

Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Lotus Smart Suite 98 Microsoft Money 99 UX Deluxe Software Suite: Over 500 Multimedia Titles Including Multimedia Encyclopedia, Games, and World Atlas

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Celeron and Pentium II Systems : HPC2 Series
Better Pentium II Systems: Intex II Series
Pentium III Systems Below $2500:
SUB $600 MII SYSTEMS: Desk Officer and HPC C-series
K6 and K6-2 Systems Below $1200: HPC and HPCA2 A-Series
ALL NEW K6-III SYSTEMS Below $1500: Shokaku III series
Pr 350 and Pr 366 MII Systems Below $1200: Ryujo Series
PENTIUM III SYSTEMS Over $2500: Hiryu III Series
SUB $500 Cyrix Media GX Systems: MGX Series



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