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Submarines of the Fleet

Please note that this page is still under consturction and I have been largely unable to find any information relating to these ships due to 1: the sheer number of classes and types of subs, and 2: the fact that information is neigh impossible to find.

With that said what little I have here is divided by pre and post treaty completion times.

 Pre-Treaty Submarines
Ships Built With British Assistance
 Post-Treaty Submarines
Ships Built Solely by the Japanese
 Wartime Submarines
Ships built during the war

Submarines: The Role

Japanese subs throuought the war war, like the battleships, kept largely in reserve by a ultra-conservative leadership.  Unlike the Atlantic, where German U-Boats preyed on merchat vessels, the extreme distances of the Pacific, coupled with a lack of Allied merchant traffic, relegated  the Japanese submarines largely to escort duty or reserve.  Terrible mis-management, and the general attitude of subs being somewhat inferior to their battleship counterparts sealed the fate of the Japanese sub fleet.

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