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In the summer of 1945 the United States was at an all time high. The war in Europe was won, Japan was at her knees, and the G.I.'s were returning home. Optimism and confidence was the mood of everyone. It was into this world that Don Arthur Walker was born on June 23, 1945 at Huntsville Hospital, the birthplace of his father and later children. Son of then Navy Lieutenant Owen Walker and wartime factory worker Corene Walker, he was born to a quasi-single mother due to the fact that his father would be at sea until the war's end in August 1945. From the outset the family seemed destined for prosperity. Bolstered by ex-G.I. programs and the Montgomery G.I. bill, Owen attended college while Corene stayed at home with their new son. In 1946 Owen was able to receive a small loan, which he then used to found Tennessee Valley Home Comfort as a partnership with his brother-in-law. A year later, with the purchase of a new home in Mayfair Village, the family was again making their mark on the community. Owen and Corene, along with six other families signed the charter of Mayfair Church of Christ, thus founding one of the largest and longest-lived houses of worship in the Tennessee Valley. This church would play perhaps the largest part in then two-year-old Don's life, teaching him the fundamentals of Christianity, which would last beyond a lifetime. Also a major factor in Don's early life was his Grandparents on his mother's side, Charles and Ethel Stinnett. First generation immigrants from France, they died hard in their beliefs of family. Before he began school in 1950, Don primarily spent most of his time with these relatives, due to the fact that both of his parents held full-time jobs. In 1950, Don began elementary school. Due to the lack of any sizeable Christian organizations in the city at that time, the family moved to Athens in 1952, where Don attended Athens Bible School. Here Don flourished, perusing his former hobbies of Bible study, and music for educational credit. It was also here that he began two practices that would forever become part of his life, playing piano, and long-distance running. At the time, Athens was a very small community, surrounded by acres of wilderness. Accompanied by his father, Don discovered his love for the outdoors in this locale. In 1954 there still were no Christian educational centers in the Huntsville area. Encouraged by a large population influx and a genuine demand, Don's father and grandfather, along with a panel of other investors broke ground on Madison Academy, a Church of Christ backed Christian centered then K-8 organization. By 1957, Don and his family were again in Huntsville, where Don began attending the school of his Grandfather's founding. Upon returning to the city, Owen returned to his business, buying out his partners in 1958. To insure uninterrupted profits, Corene began working at the business, with Don working part time there during the summer. It was during this time that Don began attending Huntsville High School. At Huntsville, Don again perused his former hobbies, joining the football team during his sophomore year of 1960. In 1962, at the age of 17, Don joined a small band founded by his friends. While this band was slightly successful and had a local following, it went on to international fame as the physicadelic 60's group Steppenwolf. To this day the series of musicians still perform together at an annual reunion. After graduating high school in 1963, Don intended to take over his father's business as a co-chairman. However, he decided college would be a more prudent alternative, and enrolled in the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, in the fall of 1963. Majoring in pre-law while seeking a full law degree. In 1965, with Don still away at college, the family business was bankrupt. With money from his parents on a permanent hiatus, Don attended classes on a sporadic basis as he was forced to work full time to support his tuition. It was at this time that Don, disgruntled by his collegiate life, met his future first wife. Don and his first wife, Charlotte were married on July 6, 1968 in Huntsville. Four years later their son, Forest Shane Walker was born at Huntsville Hospital. However, all was not well for the new couple. Don was forced to leave graduate school after getting married. Without a college degree, he began working for his father, at the now prospering Tennessee Valley Heating & Cooling. This coupled with other problems effectively ended the marriage in 1973. Now bankrupt after the divorce, Don moved to his family's former lakeside cabin shortly thereafter. It was here, when reunited with friends from high school that Don began to rebuild his life. Working in the city by the day, he spent the rest of his time doing what he enjoyed most, fishing and water sports. In 1974, while at his lake house, Don met his future second wife, Gail Cook. After over a year of engagement, the couple was finally married on December 6, 1975 at the church of his parent's founding, Mayfair Church of Christ. The next year, after varying degrees of success, Don's parents, Owen and Corene, finally ended their marriage on March 15, 1976. Left with a mountain of debts from his first business bankruptcy, Owen again declared his business to be bankrupt. Corene, who acquired most of the assets before the business failure proceeded to complete the large lake resort house, which was under construction, and continue thriving in Mayfair. Meanwhile, after living in the lake cabin for three years, the couple bought their first home in the city in 1978. With his new double income, Don couple began living the life he had before. The following year, he began taking flying lessons again, and also bought a ski boat. Don also began spending a great deal of time with his new wife's family. Gail, whose parents were first generation European immigrants, had a large and close-knit family, which had weekly reunions. Don often invited both his and Gail's families to use his lake house, which he was still in ownership of. After living on the Floridian coast for the remainder of the seventies, the couple returned to Huntsville in the early eighties. Don sold his boats, lake house, and sports car and bought a larger house. Gail began a new job as an insurance consultant and doubled the family income. On December 5, 1983, perhaps the most influential event in the history of Don's life occurred when his second son, Daniel Paul Walker was born at Huntsville Hospital. Seeking a future for his now complete family, Don proceeded to break away from his father's again restructured business to found his own in 1984. Superior Services, a heating and air-conditioning installation, service, and consulting firm officially opened on March 1, 1984. Throughout the eighties this business received varying degrees of success. In 1985, Don and Gail began work on the first of three houses that they would almost exclusively build. Buying three lots in a subdivision in southeast Huntsville, Don oversaw construction of his houses, building two in 1985 and another in 1988. In 1989, rising interest rates coupled with lack of demand for real estate forced the couple to sell their new home and their former rental property. Overwhelmed by debts from contractors, Don was forced to close his business and take a job on the South Pacific atoll of Kwajelein in early 1989. Initially agreeing to a one-year contract, Don left his wife and son behind to sell their new home and move to a rental condo while he acquired funds to continue his business. Being absent for such milestones as his son's first day of school, Don completed his contract in January 1990 and returned to Huntsville. However not all was lost, Gail had managed to keep the second of their custom built homes, which had formerly been used as a rental property. The family moved into this house in the fall of 1990, and it remains in family hands to this day. In 1991, Don returned to his father's company, overseeing new investments in homes in a then-sleepy suburb of Madison. With Daniel now in school and spending time with his "adopted Grandparents" Leonard and Adeline Fisher, Don and Gail were able to work 12 hours a day to pay off the real estate depts. It was at this time that the family began returning to The nineties proceeded and Tennessee Valley, the nearly 50-year-old family business was near collapse. Fearing a second financial oblivion, Don regained his personal HVAC licenses and prepared to found a second small business. D&D Services was founded unofficially spun off of Tennessee Valley in the summer of 1996, as a 50th Anniversary commemoration. Don, while still working closely with his father until the final collapse of Tennessee Valley in the summer of 1998, began accepting contracts from large companies in the area. In 1998, D&D began working as a close-knit joint venture with Don's long time friend's company of Ferguson Service Corp. Winning major contracts with such area firms a Lockheed-Martin and Adtran, Don was on an all time financial and business high. However, things were not so with his marriage and personal life. Struggling with marriage problems, and two successful careers, Don and Gail decided to finally end their marriage on November 19, 1998. Don, while scarred at first, continued his business. In the spring of 1999, after a near 30-year hiatus, Don and his son Daniel began attending Church services at Willowbrook Baptist. In this new environment, Don was finally able to put the past behind him and move on with his life. Today, Don continues to thrive both spiritually, emotionally, and in his now established and respected business.