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Build Your Own AMD K6-2 or K6-III System

Welcome!  To configure your system sinply click on the boxes and selct the component or periphral of your choice.  Then click on

the "Submit" button for your personalized quote.

Basic Configuration: $445





Hard Drive


Video Card


Sound Cards








Networking Card




Operating System


Bundled Software

Software Package 1: Microsoft Internet Explorer, PC-Cillin Anti Virus, Netscape Communicator, Online Services, Adobe Acrobat Reader

Software Package 2: Package 1 Plus: CD-ROM Encyclopedia, CD-ROM World Atlas, Microsoft Money 2000, Print Shop (Add $35)








Lexmark Z11, 4PPM Black, 2PPM Color (Add $105) [Price Before $50 Rebate]

Lexmark Z31: 8PPM Black, 4PPM Color (Add $155) [Price Before $50 Rebate]

Lexmark Z51: 10PPM Black, 5PPM Color (Add $215) [Price Before $50 Rebate]

Canon BJC-6000: 8PPM Black, 4PPM Color (Add $195) [Price Before $50 Rebate]

Xerox P8 Laser Printer: 8PPM Black: $215


Storage Products

Panasonic Zip 100MB Internal Drive w/ Media (Add $85)

Memorex 2x2x6 CD-RW w/ Media (Add $115)

Goldstar 4x2x24 CD-RW w/ Media (Add $135)

10-Pack 5+5 CD-R/CD-RW Blank Media (Add $35)



Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick (Add $35)

US Power Protection Power Supply (Add $115)

UX Comptuer Starter Kit w/ Surge Protector, Floppy Diskettes, Compressed Air Kit, Mouse Pad, and More: $35



UX Computer Systems

The above system configuration is for your convience only.  It is availble for purchase by US customers who take delivery in the lower 48.  UX is not responsible for typographical or other errors or omisions regarding prices or other information.  Prices and configurations are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping charges or applicable taxes, handling and processing fees.  All sales are subject to UX terms and conditions of sale.  Promotional offers and prices are for a limited time.   UX reserves the right to refuse sale to any customer.