Welcome to Dan's BMW Page
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Welcome to my BMW page

Welcome to the premier information source for all BMW's of the last 25 years. Select your model of interest below for more information on that car. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site, which, for the most part is still under construction, but bear with me, I'll work as fast as I can to finish it. Thanks for visiting, Enjoy!!

Our site primarally focuses on the grand flagships of BMW: the 6-series, 8-series, and 750iL sedans. Be sure to visit our classic BMW links below and links to our sister sites.

<-At left: The king of all BMW's, the olyampian flagship V-12 850csi

BMW Models:
3-Series 3-Series 1972-2000
5-Series 5-Series 1982-1995
7-Series 7-Series 1979-2000
8-Series 8-Series 1991-1997
Z3 Roadster Z3 Roadster 1995-2000
M Series M Series (M3, M5, M6, M Coupe & Roadster)
L Series L Series (L5, L6, & L7)
Bravaria Bravaria 1968-1976
CS Series CS Series
2002 Classic 2002 Sedan
Classic BMW's Other Classic BMW's
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