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Upgrade Prices

Be Sure To Include the Accessory, Quantify, and Cost In Your Order

RAM Upgrades

From 32MB To 64MB PC100 SDRAM: $30

From 64MB To 128MB PC100 SDRAM (1 DIMM): $95

From 128MB To 256MB PC100  SDRAM (1 DIMM): $185

From 128MB To 256MB PC100 SDRAM (2 DIMMs): $170

From 256MB To 512MB PC100 SDRAM (1 DIMM): $695

From 256MB To 512MB PC100 SDRAM (2 DIMMs): $330

Hard Drive:

From 4.3 To 6.4 GB: $30

From 6.4 To 8.4 GB: $25

From 8.4 To 10.2 GB: $15

From 10.2 To 13GB 7200RPM $25

From 13.6 7200RPM To 15.2GB $FREE

From 15.2 to 17.2 GB: $45

From 17.2 to 19.2GB: $10

From 19.2 to 20.4GB: $35

From 20.4 to 27.2GB: $65

From 27.2 to 36.5GB: $105

CD/DVD-ROM & Multimedia:

From 50x CD-ROM to 56X CD-ROM: $25

From 50X CD-ROM To 3x DVD-ROM & Decoder: $105

From 2x DVD-ROM To 5X DVD-ROM & Decoder: $15

From 5x DVD-ROM To 6x DVD-ROM & Decoder: $25


Add an Internal 100MB Zip drive: $65

Add a 120MB LS120 Drive: $75

Add a 2GB DittoMax Backup Drive: $50


Add a Memorex 2x2x6 CD-RW: $120

Add a Goldstar 4x2x24 CD-RW: $145

Speaker Upgrades:

From ASound AS691N to Cyber Acoustics 3pc Subwoofer Speakers: $30

From Cyber Acoustics 3pc to Monsoon Flat Panel 3pc w/ Subwoofer: $45

From Monsoon Flat Panel to Sony Dolby Pro Logic Speakers: $65

Add a Monitor:

15 KDS: $135

From 15" to 17 KDS: $65

From 17" to 19 KDS: $155

From 19" to 21 Sylvania/KDS: $435

Add a Printer:

Lexmark Z11 Inkjet, 4PPM Black, 2PPM Color 720DPi : $95*

Lexmark Z31 Inkjet, 8PPM Black, 3PPM Color 1440dpi: $145*

Lexmark Z51 Inkjet, 10PPM Black, 6PPM Color 1440dpi: $195*

Canon BJC-1100 Single Cartridge Printer, 4PPM Black, 1PPM Color, 600Dpi: $45*

Canon BJC-6000 Inkjet, 8PPM Black, 5PPM Color 1440x720dpi, Laser Quality Text: $195*

Seiko Color Label Printer: $165

Xerox Docuprint P8 1200dpi Laser Printer, 8PPM Black: $215

Canon MP-C3500 Multifunction: 300dpi Color Printer, Copier, Fax, Scanner: $230

Add A Scanner:

Microtek Slimscan C6, 36bit Color USB: $64*

Canon CanoScan 620U USBColor Scanner : $95*

Other Accessories

Add a FujiFilm MX1200 Digital Camera: $215

Add a Kodak Digital Video Camera: $115

Creative Nomad  MP3 Player: $175

Casio Cassiopeia A11 HPC: $155

Palm Pilot IIex: $215

Casio Cassiopeia E-11 Color Screen Palmtop: $515

Add a US Uninterruptible Power Supply: $95

Upgrade to a UX Deluxe Comptuer Starter Kit: $15

Add a Standard Joystick: $25

Add a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick: $65

Software Upgrades and Add-Ons

Upgrade From Software Pack 1 to Pack 2: $25

Add a CD-ROM Multimedia Pack: $25
(Includes Encyclopedia, Atlas, Plus Over 500 Other Titles)

Add a Educational Software CD Pack: $85
(Includes Multimedia Pack and Educational Software)

Add a Gamer's Power Pack: $65
(Includes 5 3d Games)


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